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Founded to drive a rapid transformation of green construction

SHC applies a design-build model with complete integration of systems for each aspect of a final delivered project optimized and priced up front in backward integration. This transforms conventional design-bid-build models for faster, cheaper and greener projects - all essential to achieve SHC’s vision.

Each specific prefabricated building system applied to individual projects is valued engineered on a bespoke basis but in of itself highly standardized for scale to achieve dramatic cost reduction.

A ‘disruptive’ approach to bring technology and innovation to the construction market with an international and technology-enabled workforce.

Fully integrated to offer a ‘one stop shop’ single partner for construction, eliminating intermediaries and passing savings directly to customers.

Development and adoption of low- and positive-carbon building technologies for the highest level of sustainability.


PR1MA Woodford Estate

Design and Construct

Industrialised Building System (IBS) Manufacturing Facilities

Design, Construct, Commission And Operate

PR1MA @ Sepanggar Bay

Design and Construct

Yanbu Power & Desalination Plant


Melaka LNG

Engineering, Installation and Pre-Commissioning

Indico Resources

Development and Mining


Design and Construct
Client: PR1MA, via Gaya Belian Sdn Bhd
Period: 42 months (two phases of 36 months, with a 6 month overlap)
Location: Sabah, Malaysia
Project Value: RM 800 million
Description: The Design and Construction of 3,000 units of three- and four-bedroom, medium cost residential apartments across six high rise towers, plus social facilities and infrastructure.
Stone EPC employs its vertically integrated precast panel IBS system to construct the project.

KBC (Al-Kayid Brothers Company)

Multi-Service Contractor in the Al-Jouf region of Saudi Arabia
Client: Al-Kayid Brothers Company
Period: March 2014 – September 2015
Location: Saudi Arabia
Project Brief: SHC has been brought in to provide Executive Management. This family run company is looking to establish itself as the first ‘Western’ style contractor in the region and has brought in SHC transform the company due to its management’s track record. With both Civil and Industrial segments within the company, it is valued at roughly US$250m currently.
SHC management intends to transform KBC’s operations and then list on the Saudi Stock Exchange within 3 years. SHC is focused on increasing the job size capacity of KBC through internal means and partnering with international companies who have worked with SHC management previously.
Description: SHC Group is responsible for supplying KBC with a CEO, COO, Commercial Manager & Estimating Manager as well as Headquarters support. Currently 6 – 10 SHC staff are involved in the project at any time.
Timeline: SHC has been involved since March 2014 and believes the project has roughly a 3 year term.

Altamas Resources

Special Purpose Mining Fund to be listed in London
Client: Altamas Resources
Contract Type: SHC is involved in the fundraising, and will likely develop the Altamas projects
Period: March 2013 – October 2015
Location: London
Project Brief: Altamas is a Special Purpose Acquisition Vehicle that is to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. It is expected that this fund will raise ₤150m to develop Mining Assets on a global scale. Already ₤15m in Seed Money has been raised. Altamas will purchase Greenfield or Brownfield Mining Development Assets, with no global constraints. The Altamas CEO is Dan Kunz, the former CEO of Ivanhoe Mining who has worked with SHC management previously.
Description: SHC has teamed up with Malaysian investors to raise the seed capital needed for this vehicle. SHC is confident that it will be involved in operations once they commence but do not have a guarantee.
Timeline: SHC has been involved since March 2013 and believes the project has roughly a 5 year term.

Yanbu Power & Desalination Plant

Client: Samsung in a JV with SHC, KBC and IBS
Period: August 2014 – November 2015
Location: Saudi Arabia
Value: US$49m
Description: Construction of 52 industrial buildings on the power plant includes - all civils - excavation, concrete, masonry, partitions and building finishes.

Melaka LNG

Engineering, Installation and Pre-Commissioning
Client: Ranhill Worley on behalf of Petronas Gas
Period: Sept 2011 – June 2012
Location: Malaysia
Value: US$25m
Description: Engineering, Installation and Pre-commissioning of 500 metres of 30 inch on-shore Gas Pipeline, 2 x 500 metres of 16 inch composite 33Kva power and fibre optic communication cable on-shore, construction of a beach landing zone, 2500 metres ‘S’ Lay installation and post trenching of 30 inch Gas-Pipeline, Off– Shore, 2 x 4000 metres of 16 inch composite 33Kva and fibre optic cable installation off-shore and topside pipeline and cabling installation and termination. With more than 300 SHC employees involved, the project was successfully completed in 2012 for client Ranhill Worley on behalf of Petronas.


Development of an Iron Ore Project, Kazakhstan
Client: Kazax Minerals Inc.
Contract Type: SHC Group was responsible for Due-Diligence and Operational Planning
Period: Oct 2011 – July 2013
Location: Kazakhstan
Value: Alliance Agreement, 10% of SHC Costs were provided as Profit
Project Brief: SHC was brought in to prove the Lomononoskovkoye Iron Ore project in Kazakhstan. SHC were instrumental for conducting due-diligence and providing Operations and Finance Plans for the company.
Description: SHC Group was responsible for Due Diligence and Operational Planning for the Lomononoskovkoye Iron Ore project. SHC provided manpower in Kazakhstan in exchange for a small ownership share of the company and a cost plus arrangement whenever manpower was needed.

Oriental Structural Engineers

Roadworks & Infrastructure Contractor
OSE is one of India’s largest Road & Infrastructure Contractors with annual revenue of US$300m. OSE has 4 decades of experience within India and amongst its project history has built India’s first Formula 1 Track, 39 airfield strips and over 20 highways and freeways. OSE has 3900 Employees and 48 project managers.
OSE is a part owner of SHC Group and utilises SHC as it’s Middle East and Southeast Asia partner. OSE and SHC operate projects as Joint Ventures together with local partners.
Together OSE & SHC are seeking out Roads & Bridges Projects and other relevant Infrastructure projects available. The team is able to mobilise within 90 days, including equipment & specialists, giving the team a cost advantage over others performing within the Middle East & Southeast Asia.
Equipment Available: I. Mining Equipment (40+)
II. Flexible Pavement Works (60+)
III. Rigid Pavement Works (100+)
IV. Base Courses (40+)
V. Compactors (70+)
VI. Earth Moving Equipment (100+)

Huachengboyuan Construction & Engineering Co. Ltd.

Civil & Building Contractor
HCBY, based in Beijing, is one of China’s largest Building Contractors with over 1000 staff. HCBY was formed in 2002, and has built various structures, buildings and stadiums across the globe. HCBY was responsible for part of Beijing’s famous Bird’s Nest Stadium, has built China’s National Theatre, and many large apartments and office blocks throughout China, Southeast Asia and Africa.
HCBY signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement in 2013 with a focus on working on projects on a JV basis with SHC in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. HCBY also has the ability to bring Sovereign finance to viable projects in certain locations.
Together HCBY & SHC are seeking out Infrastructure and Building Projects. The team is able to mobilise within 90 days, including different partners, giving scale and expertise to projects in various areas that otherwise would not have these skills available.
HCBY Specialist Skills: I. Steel Structures
II. Stadium Work
III. Large Buildings
IV. Specialist Offices
V. Mine Buildings
VI. Pipeline Projects

Hall Contracting

Civil, Dredging & Marine Contractor
Hall is a mid-tier Civil, Dredging and Marine Contractor with extensive capability working in complex and demanding project environments. Established in 1946 the company has a history of delivering projects from US$1m – US$65m. Experience throughout Australia and Southeast Asia, along with senior management experience at Tier 1 Contractor level, Hall has 165 employees.
Hall signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement in 2014 with a focus on working on projects on a JV basis with SHC in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
Hall’s Marine Civil experience includes Seawalls, Jetty Infrastructure, Salinity Exchange Systems & Ocean Intake and Outlet Structures.
Hall’s Dredging capabilities include Land Reclamation, Port & Harbour Dredging, Large Fleet Dredges & Design and Construct Services.
Hall’s Equipment: I. Earthmoving Equipment (150)
II. Cutter Suction Dredges (8)
III. Large Boost Pumps (10)
IV. Barges (6)
V. Workboats (7)


Design And Construct
Client: PR1MA, via Gaya Belian Sdn Bhd
Period: 24 months
Location: Sabah, Malaysia
Value: RM 160 million
Description: The Design and Construction of 620 units of single and double storey medium cost residential PR1MA housing units including social facilities and infrastructure. Stone EPC has constructed and is operating a factory to provide a compressed clay interlocking block IBS to deliver the project.


Client: Gaya Belian Sdn Bhd
Period: Ongoing
Location: Sabah, Malaysia
Value: RM6.5m
Description: SHC owns and operates several facilities to manufacture IBS products to supply its construction projects. IBS technologies manufactured include compressed clay interlocking block, fully integrated precast panel system, and timber panels.

Indico Resources

Client: Indico Resources Ltd. (Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange IDI.V)
Period: Ongoing
Location: Peru
Description: The Ocana Development has a Copper Oxide deposit that is nearing completion of a Bankable Feasibility Study. It is estimated that at current prices this deposit contains US$800m worth of recoverable Copper. SHC Group is developing the infrastructure plan that will oversee the entire development and will provide the mining services.

Precast IBS Factory at KKIP

Design and Construct
Client: Precast IBS Factory at KKIP
Contract Type: Design and Construct
Stone EPC is in the process of setting up a ‘state of the art’
advanced precast facility in Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park. • Custom-designed production facility for a complete and integrated precast Industrialised Building System for building construction – a first for Malaysia;
• 15 acres allocated for building IBS:
  • Prestressed Half Slabs;
  • ‘Hollow Core’ Floor Panels;
  • Reinforced concrete panels; and
  • Lightweight Wall Panels.
• Further 15 acres allocated for precast products, including Spun piles, Concrete piles, Segmental box girders, Precast concrete beams, and Precast culverts.
• 300+ skilled and semi-skilled factory employees.


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